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Since the very beginning, ARKK Copenhagen has always been about creating something new, while at the same time honoring those who came before us - diving head first into the future while nodding to the past.
change the game
In 2014, when our co-founders Thomas and Kasper set out to create a minimalist line of sneakers inspired by Scandinavian architecture and design, many people said it was impossible. The critics said, ‘the idea will never work, there’s no way a startup can penetrate the sneaker world these days.’ But the new partners were intent on defying expectations, disrupting the industry, and changing the sneaker game forever. Besides, it’s never the critics who count.

Taking their inspiration from a century of legendary Danish designers, from modern streetwear, and from the city of Copenhagen itself, Thomas and Kasper threw themselves into a two-year process of discovery that had many twists and turns, with many obstacles to overcome. Along the way, the ARKK founders channelled a lifetime of design and business inspiration. From architect Bjarke Ingels to NOMA co-founder Rene Redzepi to innovator Steve Jobs and superstar Michael Jackson, courageous creators have helped to inspire and guide us forward at every step in our journey.

And now, as we lean into a new chapter at ARKK Copenhagen, we are excited to launch 'Every Sneaker, Different Story.’ A new series of profiles about friends and colleagues, creators and disruptors who are leaving their own distinct footprints on the world. Whether rocking minimalist high tops, low tops, or a pair of laceless ARKK kicks, every person’s journey will be as unique as their individual aspirations. And so, these are more than sneaker stories. These are stories of the daring, of those looking for a different way, these are stories of the dreamers and doers.

We hope these profiles of creativity, ingenuity, and grit inspire you to get out there and change the game.

Thomas & Kasper, ARKK Co-Founders
STORY 02 anders
STORY 03 Alasdair