Every Sneaker, Different Story. Whether rocking minimalist high tops, low tops, or a pair of laceless ARKK kicks, every person’s journey will be as unique as their individual aspirations. And so, these are more than sneaker stories. These are stories of the daring, of those looking for a different way, these are stories of dreamers and doers.
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/Furniture designer
Amanda Lilholt is a rising star in a new generation of Scandinavian designers. Never one to simply imitate, Amanda is pushing limits and disrupting the Danish Design game. Here at ARKK, we not only love Amanda’s stunning furniture and interiors, but we also applaud her daring innovator’s philosophy: ‘I don't believe in perfect. I believe in taking things a bit further.’ We couldn’t agree more.
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Not long ago, Anders Forup left the security of his day job and launched Handcraftedcph, a line of custom and handmade jewelry made here in Copenhagen. Here at ARKK, we are no stranger to the joys and sorrows of the startup game, so when we met up with Anders, we wanted to hear what inspired him to ‘take the leap’ into the entrepreneurial unknown, what keeps him going each day, and what advice he has for aspiring innovators.
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