In the beginning...

There was just an idea – an idea that sneakers could be more than sneakers, that they could be clean, simple, even architectural. For ARKK Copenhagen founders Thomas and Kasper, this idea became an obsession. The next step was to actually craft a sneaker that embodied the Nordic design ethos, with a minimalist silhouette, subtle colorways, and precision detailing. After 18 months of painstaking trial and error, detailed research and development, and many sleepless nights, on September 1, 2015 the first ARKK sneaker was born.

That sneaker was The Raven.

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raven mesh s-e15 camo

Section 3

dropping wednesday jan 31 | 1 pm cet

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Raven Mesh S-E15 Camo
eaglezero Mesh S-E15 Camo
pythron S-E15 Camo
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